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Let’s Protect Our Families!

Protecting our wives begins with protecting our families’ status. Let me explain…

Sometimes when us men get defensive, unfortunately, we can start acting to put other people down. We want our family to know we are busy and important, but that is not always the message we put across.

You see, being a wife and mother is a challenging and important job too. If we don’t support our wives authority and status in our family, it’s almost an impossible role.

Our children have a genuine need for status and important roles in the family too.

If we undermine our wife and children’s status, it will come at a huge personal cost.

First, it undermines our own role as protector of our family.

Second, it decreases our families ability to regulate their emotions, and they may become overly emotional with us.

Undermining their status knocks our whole family down.

If we don’t get on top of this habit, it can eventually tear our whole world apart.

Without a mother and father who have confidence in their roles as parents and status in their community, children turn to counter-culture, nightlife, drugs and the streets.

Then the pederasts have won, and our children become easy prey.

This is not an easy battle we face as men, and it is important we stay on the right track.

The dangers out there for young adults in this world are multiplying. To protect them, we must support our wives’ role and status in our homes.

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